VPS Refund Policy 退款条例

For purchase of VM ( SimpleCloud and VDS ) Services  , you need to fulfil following rules in order to process refund :
1) New Order , and less than 3 day from the Purchase Date. Any existing order or renew order will not entitle for refund.
  -- 3 Days calculation is from the Date of Service Activation and Date of Refund Ticket created to Finance Department.
2) Usage of the VM traffic less then 1% of the package allocated Data Transfer 
3) No Abuse case, No IP Blacklist etc.
4) Name and Address of the Purchaser is valid, and simply filled up with in-correct information. You may require to verify if you are using the correct payment account information . This is to avoid steal of account.
5) Refund will only refund to original payee, not other account.
6) Purchase from Account Credit, will not able to refund. You can only swap with other product with same value or more (top-up require)
7) Refund will only allow by creating ticket to Finance Department. Self cancellation of VPS will not get any refund.
8) Service that in cancel status will not get any refund 

** Any submitted customer information will not be release to third party, and be protected under Law of Hong Kong **
**Refund to origin is only applicable to Alipay and Paypal. CoinPayment payment method can only refund to account as credit

虚拟服务器 (SimpleCloud / VDS)  的退款条例:
1)要求退款的 VM,必须离购买日的3日内。3日的计算是从服务器激活日到退款工单提交到财务部的提交日。
2)VM 用流量必须少过1%。
3)被分配的IP没任何问题,黑名单,墙等, 没滥用的纪录。
4)购买者资料必须完善,有必要时,会要求申请者提供付款账号资料认证。 此举是为了避免账户盗用。
5)  退款只能原路退 。 不会退给第三方账户。
6)用账户余款购买的,没办法退款。 只能更换其他产品。如更改的产品价格更高,可以补差价换取。
7)  退款必须开工单给财务部, 自行取消服务代表取消服务代表弃权, 将不被退款。
8)  已取消状态的服务将不退款处理

** 任何客户的资料将会在遵守香港法律的情况下保密***
** 原路退款只支持支付宝或者Paypal,CoinPayment的虚拟币付款, 只能退款到账号。

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