How to Install WHM / Cpanel

How to Install WHM / CPanel

Before to start install WHM / Cpanel

Before you start the whm / Cpanel Installation, you must obtain a license for your dedicated server IP before attempt to install it. However, Cpanel offer 15 days free trial for Cpanel. Cpanel only can be installed on the clean dedicated server. Please format and reload a new linux operating system before begin the installation.

WHM / CPanel Installation

1. Access to your server with root access.

2. Run the following commands:

- cd /home

- yum install wget (optional if your wget was installed)

- wget - N

- sh latest

3. Installation begin. The installation process may take few hours, subjected to speed of the connectivity.

4. Congratulation. Your Cpanel was install successfully. You may access your whm at https://youripaddress:2087

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