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Service Refund Policy

Dipublikasi: 2018-05-12

For purchase of VPS (Cloudlet K , V , B , and C) , you need to fulfil following rules in order to process refund : 1) New Order , and less than 3 day from the Purchase Date. Any existing order or renew order will now entitle for refund. 2) Usage of the VPS traffic less then 1% of the package allocated Data Transfer 3) No Abuse case, No IP Blacklist etc. 4) Name and Address of the Purchaser ...

IP- 103.10.198.x China Access

Dipublikasi: 2018-05-12

Dear All This is to inform that China Access to IP has been solved.


Dipublikasi: 2018-03-28

Our USA CN2 is having issue with the Peering. We had notify China Telecom America for this issue, and they are fixing on it. Thank you