New Cloud Compute System : SImpleCloud

Published: 2021-01-18

We have updated our new cloud compute system in Hong Kong, for those facing issues of using it, please refers to knowledgebase article: Knowledgeable:

Japan Datacenter, Equinix Tokyo (日本东京数据中心)

Published: 2020-04-09

We proud to announce that our Japan datacenter, that located at Equinix Tokyo, will be launching soon. For those who interested in Japan Cloud product and bare-metal dedicated server, can request from sales for further information 我们位于Equinix Tokyo的日本数据中心即将启动。 对于那些对我们的云端产品或裸金属独立服务器感兴趣的人可以向我们 ...

ClientArea Update

Published: 2019-03-08

Hi Welcome to our New Theme for Client Portal. Enjoy the theme with new Look and Feel.