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Japan Datacenter, Equinix Tokyo (日本东京数据中心)


We proud to announce that our Japan datacenter, that located at Equinix Tokyo, will be launching soon. For those who interested in Japan Cloud product and bare-metal dedicated server, can request from sales for further information 我们位于Equinix Tokyo的日本数据中心即将启动。 ...

GigsGigsCloud Dedicated Server Promo


【GigsGigsCloiud HK Dedicated Server October 2019 Promo- 25% Discount + Cash Voucher】Promo Code : 2019_OCT_E3_DEDI_25OFF CPU : E3-1230v2RAM : 16G TAM ECC (Paid Upgrade 32G)DISK : 1TB。SATANETWORK SPEED Selection: 1) 6TB China Optimized PCCW/HKBN, 100Mbps Speed 2) 10TB Global Data, No China Direct 100Mbps Speed 3) Unlimited, China CN2, CUG9929, 10Mbps ...

GigsGigsCloud 回馈客户换IP,免费领现金卷


自6月 1日开始, 好多的IP被墙, 由于IP库存不足,导致客户需要付款换IP。我司深度明白,此举无形中增加了客户的消费。经过内部的商量,我司决定以更实际的行动回馈客户。 任何6月1日 到 6月 15日,已经付款更换IP 的客户, 可以提交申请到 “Voucher Claim" 部门,索取一个 IP 3美元 (月付,季节) 或 ...